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标题: 诚意邀请高人/手对时机帐的中文翻译进行维护 [打印本页]

作者: ckwu    时间: 2003-9-14 22:27     标题: 诚意邀请高人/手对时机帐的中文翻译进行维护

请原谅我以英语来编写这段信息。如果你对以上的标题有兴趣的话, 阅读英语将会是一个你需要考虑的重要因素。

Hello, folks,

I am the project leader for CK-Ledger (时机帐) which is an open source GPL accounting application written in php running on top of phpGroupWare. phpGroupWare, itself, is a GNU groupware project. Both projects operate within a LAMP or LAPP environment.

Since v.0.7.1, I have utilized the translation tools embedded within phpGroupWare to produce Simplified Chinese (SC) and Traditional Chinese (TC) translations for CK-Ledger, so the entire infrastructure for producing Chinese translation for CK-Ledger is fully established and fully tested in real life situation.

At the same time, I would like to concentrate my effort on developing the functional features of CK-Ledger, so I would like to extend my invitation to you to join the CK-Ledger project team to take on the role of Chinese translator. Unfortunately, this is a volunteer position and no remuneration would be expected :-( .

At the moment, TC translation is produced first and a Big5-to-GB converter is utilized to generate the equivalent SC. However, to better reflect different phraseology in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, I am contemplating different translation versions for SC and TC, so, depending on your preference, you could work on either SC or TC. One minor point to note, though, is that you would probably have to be familiar with English accounting and business terminologies and their equivalent Chinese translation.

You may like to perform a google or yahoo search on CK-Ledger's past history.  To see CK-Ledger in action and the current Chinese translations, please check out the following demo sites, (located in the mainland) (located in US)

Due to non-standard language encoding scheme of phpGroupWare (zh=SC, zt=TC), you'll probably need to choose the language display manually -- please refer to the top left hand corner of the demo screen.

If you are interested, please email me at .

Best Regards,
Wu Chiu Kay (aka CK Wu aka CK)
Hong Kong

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