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标题: Why not Trying Linux--在口语课上的演讲 [打印本页]

作者: tsyjcyh    时间: 2004-11-10 10:15     标题: Why not Trying Linux--在口语课上的演讲


Good morning,Ladies and Gentlmen!I'am very glad to stand here and thanks to our dear friend,Mr. Chaudhari. It's my reputation to share the good time with you.

I beg your forgiveness for choosing that topic. But I can't help doing so because of the following reasons:

1. It is hard to decide what topic I should take when I am required for a free speech for any topic I like. I think I should choose the one I am familiar with.

2. I like it and I want to introduce you it.

3. I dont think that all of you are familiar with it.

Then, what is Linux? Is there any necessarity to know it? OK,let's begin.

What's Linux?

Simply,Linux is an operating system let you can use your computer. Just as you are using now, which names that I think them should be Windows: Windows98, WindowsNT, WindowsMe, WindowsXP, and etc. Then,maybe you have another question:Since we have OSs to use,why do you introduce Linux. For the sake of heaven,more choices always are better.

Actually,every student of computer major could tell you there are many even several handreds of OSs. On the desktop and daily working, Windows is the main one. But, Linux is an ideal alternative.

In order to let you get a clear picture of it, I'd like to go on with it by comparing with Windows.


Linux do not have a long history. It was first coded in 1991 by Linus(Linus Torvalds) who is called as "the Father of Linux", then was an college student of computer major at the University of Helsinki in Finland. And Microsoft OS DOS is rather before it. But thinking of basing on Unix, Linux is much earlier than DOS which is basing on CP/x, another early operating system for the first generation personal computer.


Linux is a multi-task and multi-user operating system, as windows, but more than it. In fact, Linux is more than an operating system, and you can call it an operating enviornment.

1. It is free to use. Only under the GPL (GNU General Public License). In other word, Linux is Free Software. Though it doesnot mean money free, you can get and use it even modify it without paying money indeed. But if you want to use Windows, you may not be so fortunate. You need either paying for or without license.

2. More safe. Do you remember your windows were slowed down even shutdowned by virus,or your private information were stolen, and your computer were controled by others using Trojan.

3. Open Source Code. It's also important for countries, enterprises even individual persons security.

4. More flexible. You can use it every where for any perpose. In fact, Linux was used in more and more cars' control micro-processors, mobile phones, and so on. Generally, it can run on your computer, with a limit memory only 4M, and it can even run under an only floppy disk.

5. Better availability and reliablity. At least, Linux is better than Windows in this field. You can also use mouse and keyboard to control your computer with a GUI(Graphic User Interface) in using Linux.

6. More application progams. Most people have a twisted thoughts of that. They think that there are more progams for Windows. But in fact, in many special fields, there are only Linux/Unix and progams basing on them in using. There are so many applications on the Internet for Linux(maybe for Unix,but can be easily transferied to Linux because of the better compatiblity). What you can imagine, maybe there is one; whatever you want to do, you mention it, we solve it.

Though at the beginning I was temptated by it's money free, I am attracted deeply by it's other characteristics. There are two famous sentenses in the Linux world: Just for fun. and Keep it simple,Stupid.(KISS). Why not trying Linux? Maybe I can afford a hand. If you do so and do not give up, I promise you will be rewarded a lot.

Thank you for your patiance. Thanks again.

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